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British Lion Films, 1957. Directed by John Boulting. Camera:  Mutz Greenbaum.  With Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Hugh Griffith, Sharon Acker, Jean Anderson, Maureen Connell, Clive Morton, John Welsh, Reginald Beckwith, Kenneth Griffith, Jeremy Hawk, Ronald Cardew, Penny Morrell, John Cairney, Ian Wilson.

Lucky Jim is based on the same-named satirical novel by Kingsley Amis.  The hero, Jim Dixon (Ian Carmichael), is a well-intentioned junior history professor in an unnamed British university.  Hoping to impress the new Chancellor, Jim succeeds only in bollixing up everything he touches.  When he's not stuck in the middle of a slapstick car chase, Jim is trying to think up an excuse for that slightly inebriated blonde with whom he is innocently sharing a boudoir.

Blunder piles upon blunder, until it looks as though Jim's chances at survival in the university are slim to none.  But Fortune smiles upon fools and Kingsley Amis heroes, thus there's a happy ending.  Lucky Jim delivers the laughs in full measure, though it's hardly the best of the Boulting Brothers productions of the 1950s.

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