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Harold Lloyd





Pathé, 1921. Directed by Fred Newmeyer.  Camera:  Walter Lundin.  With Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Aggie Herring, James Kelly, Vera White, Noah Young.


Thinking it only a harmless joke, The Boy (who was only a bellboy in the Ritz-Waldorf hotel) posed as Europe's greatest horseman and hunter, Lord Algernon Abbott Aberdeen Abernathy, and attended the house party and fox hunt of Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien, newly rich. It was there he met the O'Brien's pretty daughter, and fell in love at first sight. He regaled the guests with thrilling tales of hunting trips. As a compliment to his horsemanship, he was allowed to ride Dynamite, the meanest horse in their stables, at the fox hunt. The experience was not exactly a happy one―for the Boy.

When he learned, later, that he had been used by the people who introduced him as Lord Algy in a plot to rob the O'Briens and marry the daughter, he exposed them and confessed that he was only O'Reilly, a bellhop. Mrs. O'Brien was scandalized, but as her daughter loved him, and her husband liked him, for once Mrs. O'Brien's opinion carried no weight.

What was said about Among Those Present:

Motion Picture News (July 16, 1921)
"Nary a scene is dragged in by the heels for the sake of providing a laugh punch. It certainly keeps moving."

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