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Harold Lloyd





Pathé, 1920.  Directed by Hal Roach.  Camera:  Walter Lundin.  With Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, James Kelly, Noah Young, Gaylord Lloyd, Frank Terry, Charles E. Stevenson, William Gillespie, Roy Brooks, Wallace Howe, Clarice Codman, Babe Lloyd, Charles Holmes, Mark Jones.

Without a doubt, Harold stretches his father's patience to the breaking point by staying out, at a dance hall, later than expected.  Despite his mother's pleas, Father orders sonny boy to pack up, to be shipped West to his uncle's ranch the next day.  Uncle's ranch is near Piute Pass, where it's considered very bad form to shoot the same man twice in the same day.

The first person to meet Harold is Mildred, whose daddy is sick.  They just arrived, too, in Piute Pass.  "Tiger Lip" Tompkins, bully de luxe, wants the girl, and to help her make up her mind, he locks her ill father in a room over the saloon.  Always eager to rescue beautiful damsels in distress, Harold volunteers as her champion.

Very soon, life gets very strenuous for the young tenderfoot.  With several clever tricks, he gets by and succeeds in freeing the girl's father.  When "Tiger Lip" learns of Harold's interference, he sics his gang of Masked Angels, men who "had broken eight commandments and twisted the other two," onto the Easterner.  They are a fast-riding, quick-triggered, sure-shooting, hard-fisted gang.  Single-handedly, however, Harold eludes them and saves Mildred.

The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia,
by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd
McFarland & Company, Inc.,
Jefferson, NC and London, 2004