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Charley Chase  



Columbia, 1939. Directed by Del Lord. With Charley Chase, Dorothy Comingore, Lucille Lund, Dick Curtis, Bud Jamison, Don Beddoe, Beatrice Blinn, Stanley Brown, John Butler, Kernan Cripps, Richard Fiske, Lorna Gray, Chuck Hamilton, Eddie Laughton, Cy Schindell, Robert Sterling.

There is no summary for this film, which is apparently a remake of Chase's 1928 silent film Limousine Love, which is summarized below:

The story is set on the day of Charley's wedding, and he's already running late. When his chauffeur quits in a huff Charley is forced to take the wheel himself, in his formal get-up of tailcoat and top hat, and drive through a remote rural area to the wedding.  Meanwhile, a grouchy guy is in the vicinity, teaching his much-younger wife to drive. She makes a number of mistakes, their tempers flare, the husband steps out, and the wife drives away.

Soon afterward, she flips the car over and lands in a muddy ditch, unhurt but soaked to the skin.  There are no houses around, but she notices a nearby limousine, parked, unoccupied and apparently abandoned, and decides to hang her clothes on a nearby clothesline and wait for them to dry while sitting in the back seat of this car, buck naked.  This is the very moment when Charley, who had briefly stepped away from his car, returns and resumes driving to his wedding, unaware at first that he has a beautiful nude girl riding in the backseat.

Charley soon becomes aware of his passenger but the clothesline holding her garments has washed away into a sewer, so there's no retrieving them.  Charley hopes to get help from a hitch-hiker and picks him uponly he turns out to be her husband.  She hides her face and the husband, apprised of the situation, chortles and assumes a jovial boys-will-be-boys bonhomie with Charley, who is now is a rather difficult spot as he approaches the church.

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