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Thelma Todd




MGM, 1931.  Directed by Hal Roach.  Camera:  Len Powers.  With ZaSu Pitts, Thelma Todd, John Loder, Claud Allister, Billy Gilbert, Otto Fries, Jack Hill, Charley Hall, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy.

They may have been in it for only forty-one seconds, but this film seems to be seen as a film starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, it is even included in their full film collection.  Basically ZaSu (ZaSu Pitts) and Thelma (Thelma Todd) reminisce on how many times they have been to Coney Island, and the amount of china ornaments they have won proves it, and they are saying they don't want to go again for a long time. While walking, they get sprayed by a mud puddle by the car of Mr. Loder (John Loder), and as an apology, he offers to buy them new clothes, and take them for a day out with his friend (Claud Allister) to somewhere original. In fact, it is not original in any way, it is Coney Island, and rather than complain they go through the shaking shack, rolling tunnel, spinning (roundabout) floor, slides, rocking bridge and water cart with a fake smile.

The final scene of the film sees them returned home, and Stan and Ollie come in to invite them for a day out at Coney Island, and they retreat from the girls throwing ornaments at them.  Also starring Billy Gilbert as Pierre the Dressmaker, Gordon Douglas as Fun House Worker, Otto Fries as Belligerent Bully, and Jack Hill as Fun House Worker.  Even in their few seconds, Laurel and Hardy add a good moment of humor—the rest of the film isn't too bad either.  Worth watching!

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