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Margaret Lockwood




Gainsborough Pictures, 1945.  Directed by Leslie Arliss.  Camera:  Jack Cox.   With Margaret Lockwood, James Mason, Patricia Roc, Griffith Jones, Michael Rennie, Felix Aylmer, Enid Stamp-Taylor, Francis Lister, Beatrice Varley, Amy Dalby, Martita Hunt, David Horne, Emrys Jones, Helen Goss, Muriel Aked, Aubrey Mallalieu, Ivor Barnard.

In the Seventeenth Century, in England, the naive and pure Caroline invites her cousin and best friend Barbara Worth to come from London and stay with her a couple of days before her wedding with her beloved bridegroom, the wealthy magistrate Sir Ralph Skelton.  The selfish, evil and wicked Barbara uses her beauty and seduces the weak Ralph, who falls in love for her.

Caroline calls off the wedding and Barbara marries Ralph.  When Barbara loses a jewel inherited from her mother gambling with Lady Henrietta Kingsolver, she pretends to be the famous highway thief Captain Jerry Jackson, recovers her jewels and begins a career of crime, looking for excitement stealing travelers in stagecoaches.

When she meets the real Jerry Jackson on the road, she becomes her passionate lover and also a killer.  Meanwhile Ralph realizes that he loves Caroline, but it seems to be too late for their life together.

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