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Laurel & Hardy





Hal Roach-MGM, 1927. Directed by Fred Guiol.  Camera:  George Stevens.  With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Noah Young, Charlotte Mineau, Will Stanton, Edna Marion, Eugene Pallette.

James Finlayson, newly-rich oil tycoon, is wakened from his slumbers one morning by faithful butler Hardy, who casually reminds him that he was married the night before. Frantically, he calls his lawyer, Stan Laurel, for advice―and the mess never does really sort itself out, but the pursuit of a blackmailing ring makes for some lively slapstick and chase sequences in dance hall and amusement park.

A run-of-the-mill entry, Sugar Daddies is lively and fast and, though hardly inspired, gains immeasurably from the nostalgic and lengthy sequences set in an amusement park, with much of the action taking place on rides that have long since disappeared from the scene. Its best single gag is borrowed from Love 'Em and Weep from earlier that same year―with James Finlayson (again!) bent over double and Laurel, in yet another dame masquerade, perched uneasily on his shoulders. A cop, watching all of the mayhem, finally cottons to the deception but―having temporarily lost the Finlayson-Laurel "dame" in the crowd―picks on the wrong party to prove his keen powers of observation. Striding along, enjoying the sights, are Eugene Pallette and his wife. Triumphantly the cop pounces, and hoists high the lady's skirts, at which point the two-reeler tactfully closes.

The Films of Laurel and Hardy
by William K. Everson
The Citadel Press, 1967