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  Laurel & Hardy  


Hal Roach - MGM, 1930.  Directed by Hal Roach.  Camera:  George Stevens.  With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Edgar Kennedy, James Finlayson, Anders Randolf, Harry Bernard, Baldwin Cooke, Charles McMurphy.

Hoboes Laurel & Hardy run afoul of cop Edgar Kennedy, who refuses to let them sleep peacefully on a park bench.  However, he is in trouble too, and offers to help them if they'll help him.  He has been unable to put a stop to a series of robberies on his beat, and he's in the doghouse with his chief—who, incidentally, lives in a house within the area under Kennedy's "protection."  If Laurel & Hardy will attempt to break into and rob the chief's house, he, Kennedy, will rout them.  They'll get away scot-free, with a little something for their trouble, and he'll be in solid with the chief again.  Not unexpectedly, everything goes wrong, and all three of them wind up under arrest.

Another minor comedy with too many protracted gags—Laurel & Hardy trying to break into the house, climbing through windows and already opened doors, locking themselves out after gaining entry, and other time-consuming routines.  Even with a paucity of material Laurel & Hardy could be and were funny, but their first talkies had been too slow, even allowing for their deliberate methods, and they seemed to be having a hard time hitting their stride again.

The Films of Laurel and Hardy
by William K. Everson
The Citadel Press, 1967