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June 2006

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Jane dispatched some new photos to us:

Nick, Jane and Frédéric have some new images of:

Mark has a scan of cutie-pie Nancy Carroll.

Enjoy these three new film clips:



July 15, 2006

Key Largo
Mischa Elman
Roy Smeck

Karl's has new snapshots of Carole Lombard in My Man Godfrey (with William Powell), No Man of Her Own (with Clark Gable), Twentieth Century, and a posed shot.

Mark sent us pictures of Ruth Hussey and relatively unknown Valerie Fanning.

Jane has three scans of Ann-Margret, seven of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, and one of Humphrey Bogart.

Mark2 prepared a scan of perky Grace Bradley, who was married to Hopalong Cassidy's William Boyd.

Sever identified another of our Deborah Kerr images as being from The King and I.

Thanks to our guest contributors!

We conclude with some new film clips:



July 13, 2006

My Man
Will Hays
Vitaphone Short
Vitaphone Short

Mark2 has a lovely photo of elegant Madeleine Carroll for us.

Karl's back in town with three pictures of Deborah Kerr, including An Affair to Remember, The King and I, and a posed shot.

Sever joined the Clint Eastwood bandwagon with two shots of his own from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Next, Jane sent us images of Clark Gable and Lauren Bacall.

More new desktop wallpapers from Steve:  June Allyson, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Hal Roach, and Gloria Swanson.

Thank you, guest contributors!

Finally, two new film clips:



July 12, 2006

Meet Me in
St. Louis
One Track

Jane has more neato pictures for us today.  We've got five more Audrey Hepburns and three of Clint Eastwood to make your day.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric follow up with scans of Marlene Dietrich (4 pictures), Katharine Hepburn, and Norma Shearer.

Next, Steve has desktop wallpapers of Louise Brooks, Joan Crawford (2), Greta Garbo, Mary Martin, and Rosalind Russell.

Mark sent in a shot of Sue England circa 1949.

Enjoy two new film clips:

  • John Barrymore in 1926's Don Juan - in this clip, he's just dispatched the bad guy and gets thrown in the pokey by mean old Caesar Borgia (Warner Oland with silken locks!).  As our hero languishes in solitary confinement, he has to figure a way out of the dungeon...hmm, what about that rock over there?

  • Errol Flynn in Santa Fe Trail (1940) - here, he and Ronald Reagan compete for Olivia de Havilland's affections before they ship out (okay, ride out) for hazardous duty.

We'll end with eight full-length radio programs of George Burns and Gracie Allen.



July 11, 2006

Don Juan Santa Fe

Burns and Allen
Radio Shows

Enjoy this new photo of Thomas Meighan from The City of Silent Men (1921).  Pictured (L to R) are Lois Wilson, Thomas Meighan, and George MacQuarrie.

Karl comes through with:

Jane's on a roll with seven images of heavenly Audrey Hepburn.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric trucked over a new Joan Crawford photo.

Marcus wrote in to correct one of our Jeanette MacDonald images.  It's really look-alike Thelma Todd in a publicity shot from Call Her Savage, with Clara Bow.

Thanks to our guest contributors!

Roll 'em!  Here are two new film clips:

Finally, check out these two full-length radio programs:



July 10, 2006

Doodle Dandy


Laurel & Hardy
Radio Show

Ed Wynn
Radio Show

Steve sent us four new desktop wallpapers:  Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn, and Alan Ladd.

Sylvie also completed a new wallpaper—of Greta Garbo.

Enjoy these new scans from Karl:

Joe sent us a shot of Audrey Hepburn and William Holden in Sabrina (1954).

Jane's delivered some photos of Lucille Ball, Joe E. Brown, and Kim Novak.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric prepared a new scan of Norma Shearer.

Vladimir helped us post three beautiful new Audrey Hepburn pictures.

Thanks to our guest contributors!

Finally, we have two new film clips from The Wizard of Oz.  The first has Judy, The Scarecrow and The Tin Man off to see the Wizard, after a run-in with the wicked witch (Margaret Hamilton).  The second clip chronicles the group's first encounter with The Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr), preceded by the famous "Lions and Tigers and Bears" chant.

[Our next update will be on July 10.]


July 5, 2006

We're off to
see the Wizard
Lions and
Tigers and Bears

Karl has some new photos of:

Alexis sent in a nice scan of Susan Hayward making the long walk in I Want to Live.

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric delivered some great new items:

Next, we have two images of Tippi Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock's Marnie, courtesy of davelandweb.com.

Yesterday it was Superman.  Today, we've got Lois Lane.  Steve sent us a desktop wallpaper of Noel Neill.

Mark2 returns with a blockbuster picture of Ruth Roman in the film Barricade, from 1950.

Thank you, o' wondrous guest contributors!

Enjoy this film clip of Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia.


4th of July!

July 4, 2006

of Arabia

Nick, Jane, and Frédéric have four photos of Joan Crawford from Letty Lynton today, and one posed shot.

Next, Karl submitted pictures of:

Check out this image of Lana Turner from Imitation of Life, sent in by davelandweb.com.

Here's a new desktop wallpaper by Steve, of a little-known Superman:  Kirk Alyn—but there's the Lois Lane we know and love (Noel Neill)!

Aldo sent us a new, improved version of an existing Marilyn Monroe picture.

Thanks to our guest contributors!

We end with an extended film clip of Greta Garbo and John Gilbert in Flesh and the Devil

July 3, 2006

Flesh and
the Devil

Karl starts us off right with photos of Greta Garbo in Anna Christie, Flesh and the Devil, and a posed shot.

Steve's got four new desktop wallpapers:  John Barrymore, James Cagney, George Raft, and John Wayne.

Thanks to our guest contributors!

We end with some snappy film clips:

July 2, 2006


Paty sent us a nice scan of Leslie Caron.

We have some new scans by Nick, Jane, and Frédéric (photographers George Hurrell and Laszlo Willinger):

Steve sent in desktop wallpapers of Ruth Etting and Shelley Winters (2).

Karl maintains course with new images of:

Yeoman Mark2 has another supersized scan—this time it's Arlene Dahl.

We appreciate all these fine submissions from our guest contributors!

Here are some film clips to finish up:

  • We couldn't resist posting another clip of terpsichorean Louise Brooks in Love 'Em and Leave 'Em.  Her frantic dance number at a costume party appears near the end of the movie, and vividly personifies the Jazz Age.  Again, we wish to acknowledge the kind permission of the folks at Sunrise Silents.

  • Another Thelma Todd short with ZaSu Pitts:  The Bargain of the Century  [Note:  video removed 12/3/2006]

July 1, 2006

Love 'Em and
Leave 'Em

The Bargain
of the Century


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